About Choko la

Choko la (it is believed that the word chocolate is derived from the Mayan verb
choko la'j, pronounced Choko la, which means, "to drink chocolate together.") is a celebration of the universally loved food, to be enjoyed in the company of family and friends.

Choko la is all about Pure chocolate, its universal appeal as an ageless and alluring comfort food that transcends social, demographic and cultural boundaries. We want to pay homage to its origins and its travels throughout the world.
Chocolate Brands In India

To be the best quality chocolatier in the country & be the number one on the choice list of customers when it comes to visiting a café.

We aspire to create a chocolate culture in india.
Where it all began…

Driven by a passion for chocolates, Cosmic Kitchen was born out of a desire to share that passion with the world With that in mind, Vasudha Munjal, a third generation entrepreneur from the renowned industrialist family of Hero MotoCorp fame, created Choko la – A boutique for only the finest chocolates that now has many successful outlets and a state of the art manufacturing unit based in Delhi NCR. Ms. Munjal’s keen interest in chocolate took her to Cordon Bleu, London followed by the Barry Callebaut Academy in Singapore. Equipped with a blend of passion, confidence and talent, Ms. Munjal is all set to share her love for all things chocolate with the rest of the world.
Passion for chocolate

So deep is our passion for chocolate, that we brought the finest coverture chocolate from Europe right here to India. Committed to using only the best and finest quality ingredients, Choko la has simply perfected the art of making chocolate. From delicious, handmade chocolates and pastries, to artisan creations, our pastry chefs, trained by renowned French pastry masters, create bits of heaven that will simply inspire you to indulge.